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Law Offices of Ian M. McGrath PLC


Since 2007 we have been bringing both legal and business experience to the table in providing legal services to the Northern Virginia and DC business communities.

Prior to that, Mr. McGrath served as a staff attorney, and later senior counsel, in the US Securities and Exchange Commission�s Division of Investment Management.� His specialty areas were complex and novel financial structures, and in particular how they should be regulated under the federal securities laws.

Mr. McGrath also has years of practical experience in establishing and managing investment partnerships, joint ventures, and other legal structures for pooling capital to achieve business or investment goals.

Mr. McGrath has been on both sides of the table, as a principal and an advisor, in numerous commercial real estate transactions.� From negotiating commercial leases, buying, selling, exchanging, financing or developing properties, or managing extensive tenant improvement projects, he has been involved in nearly every type of commercial real estate transaction, as both a landlord and a tenant.

1313 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


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Although our law office is located in the same building as Alexandria Property Management, our office is not directly affiliated with that firm.� Anyone hiring Alexandria Property Management for property management services is not forming any sort of attorney-client relationship with this firm or with Mr. McGrath.